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Uruguay goes to the first pratice, but faces problems in the way to the field


14/06/2013 19:52



14/06/2013 21:30

Uruguay national team finally did its first practice with ball in Recife this friday afternoon. The practice took place in Sport’s Training Center, at Paulista. Although the Federal Police guarded the delegation from the hotel to the training center, uruguayans had some problems in the way to the field. At the training center, the press, including journalists from other countries, had trouble with the terrible access to the place.

Uruguayans left the Mar Hotel, in Boa Viagem, around 14h19. It took one hour for them to get to their destination. In Paratibe, the team drove across the BR-101, which has several cavities. Workers were cutting the grass on the sides of the road and improving the road itself.


When Uruguay aproached the Training Center, there was mud, which was the result of the rain. And there was also more workers changing lights, cutting the grass and improving the road.
The bus took the players and the technical comission pretty close to one of the fields. But the press had to face a muddy way to get there.

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