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Spain and Uruguay before our eyes

Teams bring the most expected game at the Confederations Cup to Pernambuco.


16/06/2013 10:00

A historic game since December 1st last year, after Fifa's draw for the Confederations Cup groups. There hasn't been a Pernambucano supporter that didn't get excited about learning that Spain and Uruguay, two giants of world soccer, would be face to face in their "backyard."

The celeb players who are just seen on television or in video games became in flesh. The players will be right there, within the reach of the cell phone photos. The day has arrived. It is this Sunday at 7:00 pm, at the Arena Pernambuco. More than a soccer match, a privilege.

The 39,430 tickets put for sale were quickly sold out. This game is one of the six Confederations Cup, and three is one with Brazil and the final. The other is between Italy and Mexico, today, at the Maracanã.

While playing, Spanish and Uruguayan must fulfill the expectations of the fans. Both teams debut should bring all their strength, and comes from the friendly game victory last Tuesday, against Ireland in the United States, and Celeste defeated Venezuela in the same day.

However, Uruguay has had some disadvantages in relation to its rivals. The first three days in the capital of Pernambuco were though; a three-hour delay on the flight that brought the delegation to the city last Wednesday. The following day, their training was canceled because of the poor condition of the lawn of the Arruda stadium, and the access to Sports Training Center.

"The basic requirements is to have a good field to train and close to the hotel. That's the minimum we request," complained the defender and Captain Diego Lugano.

The Spanish team's setbacks were less. The team managed to realize their workouts without any major problems. Complaints came only on Friday when the delegation faced traffic jams and it took them about an hour to reach the site. Despite this, players avoided criticism and praised the city of Recife through social networks, with photos of the city and fond messages.

Global Superstars, fans' pilgrimage in front of the hotels are worldwide problems, it's a learning for the future. In fact, the last four days have been special. Today is the icing on the cake. Until the game between Italy and Japan, on Wednesday.

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