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Brazil's National team trains for an hour; team embarks today to Fortaleza


16/06/2013 16:00

The training of the Brazilian team ended around 11:00 am this Sunday (16/6) at the training center of the Fire Department and Police in the South sector of Brasilia. The official players went for a light run, while the others trained for about an hour.

At the end, they took photos with relatives of the firefighters, who were on the scene to see the players. The bus left the training center to Brasília Palace Hotel, where they were there until 12:00 pm. They left the hotel without speaking to the fans, who got disappointed. The team came to the hotel twenty minutes after leaving the training center. Some fans, mostly teenagers, carried banners and chanted the names of Neymar, Fred, and David Luiz.

The athletes had lunch and then attended a press conference. The flight from Brasilia to Fortaleza was 3:00 pm. The capital of Ceará will be the stage of the next Brazil's show for the Confederations Cup. Luis Felipe Scolari's team faces Mexico at 4:00 pm on Wednesday (6/19).

About 50 fans tried to watch the training at the Fire Department Training Center, but they had no success even with the initiative of a few Military Police officers requesting a quick snick at the last few minutes of the training like what had happened in Goiânia before the team left for Brasilia, on Wednesday (12/6). Among them, Millie Gababsheh, 53, and his son, 21 years. The young roots for Corinthians and tried to get a close look at Paulinho, Corinthians soccer player. "He is the best player nowadays, but Neymar is in the spotlight," said Alisson.

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