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Clashes outside Mineirão Stadium worry police


26/06/2013 12:37

Belo Horizonte - The tense atmosphere surrounding the match between Brazil and Uruguay led the Government of Minas Gerais to announce measures for the semifinals of the Confederations Cup today. Expecting a large demonstration in the capital at the time of the game, the Military Police have set guidelines to try to ensure minimal disruption at the game.

The General Commander of the Military Police, Márcio Sant'Anna, reported that there will be around 5500 men on the streets. Lieutenant Colonel assured that agents will not commit excess trying to open spaces in the streets. "We will not take action to solve insane mobility issues," he said at a news conference.

About 70,000 protesters have confirmed their presence through social network. Therefore, the Secretary of Security from Minas Gerais, Romulus Ferraz, requested the activists to not approach the stadium. "They can be at the city center and not near the stadium. We will do everything to avoid clashes, "said the secretary. There is a great concern to avoid further clashes between the police and the activists.

The security will be in charge of the Military Police, but Brazil’s Army will also be on standby in case of emergency. Both Brazil and Uruguay will be escorted to the stadium by the Federal Police.

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