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Brazil former national team player who had disappeared is found at this dawn

Altair Figueiredo, who has Alzheimer, was found at Avenida das Nações.


16/06/2013 17:27

Altair was found around midnight this Sunday (16/6), the former 1962 Brazil soccer player Altair Figueiredo. He, who has Alzheime, was found walking alone along Avenida das Nações between a Steakhouse restaurant and Brasilia Palace hotel by a group of journalists.

According to a witness, he is well. Altair was found missing since yesterday afternoon, before going to the game between Brazil and Japan at the Brasilia's National Mané Garrincha.

The left-back was in Brasilia to participate in an exhibition that celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Chile's World Cup in 1962. Accompanied by a group of six former players and organizers of the event, Altair left Manhattan Plaza hotel in the North sector, early afternoon, and would take the bus to the stadium. Before getting on the bus, he got lost from the doctor who was accompanying him and was not seen after that.

According to a nurse's report, who was in the vicinity of the stadium, a gentleman was wondering about the game Fla x Flu, which it would take at the stadium. He said that he was a Fluminense player (period in which Altair had played) and would play in the match. The nurse explained that, in fact, the game that Saturday would be between Brazil and Japan. Thereafter, Altair was not seen.

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Pat Teixeira

Só uma curiosidade: essa matéria não foi escrita por um falante nativo do inglês, foi?

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