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Unemployed man protests in front of Mané Garrincha Stadium


14/06/2013 19:53

A lonely man walking on the grass in front Mané Garrincha Stadium, Luziel Santos, 37, wouldn’t be noticed unless he didn’t have a sign to call the attention. Luziel’s protest is an inquiry about Mensalão’s trial, which he followed closely. “I am doing it to show the other side of Brazil, to show people this event that really drew our attention”, explains Luziel.

Resident of Recanto das Emas, he protested during the full day yesterday, most of today and he promises he will be back again tomorrow. When he remembers the reasons for his involvement in this matter, tears roll down his face, darken by the sun. “I’m sorry about that”, he says, “but it’s too much social inequality, too much injustice. A stadium this big while there is so much people laying on hospital floors”.

Luziel cries with the true sadness of a brazilian. “I am not against the sport. This stadium is beautifull, but I get angry with the misuse of public money. I am unemployed and I will be like that for a long time because I don’t have the skills”, he says. While walking — always lonely — Luziel got the support of cars passing Eixo Monumental. “Each horn encourages me and cheers me up. I love politics and I hope Brazil will be a better country in the future.”

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