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Civil Police to investigate over alleged Spain´s team theft in Recife

Spanish players had stuff stolen in the hotel after a party over drinks, pagode music, and women

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26/06/2013 16:10



19/02/2014 16:17

Pernambuco´s Civil Police confirmed on Monday that opened investigation into the complaint of an alleged theft to the delegation of Spain at the Golden Tulip Recife Palace Hotel, where the Europeans stayed. The information initially denied by members of the Spanish delegation and the ones responsible for the hotel was then confirmed by FIFA.

According to the Director of the Metropolitan Civil Police Civil, Andrei Luiz, twenty-seven people working at the hotel have been heard about the incident, among them: managers, receptionists, and maids. In addition, police have also checked the security cameras.

The alleged theft occurred after a party in the hotel. Some women who slept in the rooms of some athletes might have committed it.

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