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Luiz Felipe Scolari criticizes trips taken in Brazil 'it is a 'hell'

Coach also complained about the lack of a pre-set place to train, and this causes constraints.

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18/06/2013 16:07



18/06/2013 16:09

Scolari also condemned the terms offered to the group, buses with tinted windows preventing contact with the fans. Scolari called "a hell" the pilgrimage his team has to make during Brazil’s Confederations Cup. He referred to the harassment of the fans all the time, requests coming to the staff, and the “dos and don'ts” from the Local Organizing Committee and FIFA. Also complained that his team does not have a fixed place to train, a house, and this causes constraints.

"In 2002 it was easy because it was outside of Brazil. Here is a hell. The big problem for Brazil in the World Cup is to have competition in the country. It was much easier to play abroad," said the coach during a TV Globo program.

Scolari also condemned the terms offered to the group, buses with tinted windows preventing contact with the fans. "We did not ask for a bus with tinted windows, where the fans cannot even greet the players. This condition was imposed on us," said Parreira, who on Monday stressed the importance of the players get closer to their fans as it happened at Presidente Vargas Stadium with nearly 5000 fans in Fortaleza.

Scolari was the first one to ask the Brazilian people embrace the team. He intends to "change" some rules of the Local Organizing Committee and FIFA to strengthen this relationship from now on. The trainings should be open to the fans - not all of them - but at least one, and with the participation of the public in most places. At President Vargas Stadium, it took the fans a long time to get into the stadium and the crowd could see the players for no more than 30 minutes.

The coaching staff is looking forward to Granja Comary’s renovation in Rio, where Scolari intends to have private meetings with his team for the World Cup. "We need to have a home to train and get to work better.

The coach made very clear that he is not the villain of this story about the interaction with the fans during the training sessions. "The fans think the team’s staff that closes the stadium during training sessions. It’s not true. We are often forced to do that. FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee demand that. I tend to open the trainings on games’ eve for everyone.

Scolari said he had requested FIFA to open more trainings in 2014. He would like to leave in the hands of the fans to decide either to see the trainings at the beginning or at the end. "We prefer them to watch it at the end," said Parreira. Scolari fears that this kind of harassment might end up in confusion. He said that during the training on Monday, Lucas had asked him to throw his shirt to the fans, but the request was denied by him. "I said no, because if he goes there, throws his shirt and ends up in a mess, someone might fall and get hurt, we will be blamed for it. We cannot make that commitment."

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