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After a traumatic experience to get to and from the Arena, fans give up on upcoming games

The psychologist Alice Leite decided not to return to the Arena Pernambuco and wants to pass on the tickets.


18/06/2013 16:56

The psychologist Alice Leite often attends Sport na Ilha do Retiro’s games. On Sunday, along with her children, she left Boa Viagem to watch Spain and Uruguay at the Arena Pernambuco, excited about having a new leisure experience and comfort in a soccer match in her state. Just the opposite happened. After facing massive lines, bumps, disrespect, and turmoil on the way to and back by subway, and getting back home at dawn on Monday, almost four hours after the end of the match, she decided not to return to the Arena Pernambuco this Confederations Cup. Even the tickets purchased for the other two games scheduled for the stadium: Italy x Japan, tomorrow and Uruguay-Tahiti on Sunday.

"It was the worst experience at a soccer game. I had never had this experience not even in the classic Sport na Ilha do Retiro’s games. It was awful. One of the most traumatic experiences in my life. I spent more time on buses and on subways than at the stadium watching the match. I'll try to pass on the tickets, if I can’t, I will certainly not go," said the psychologist.


The journey to the stadium was relatively calm, because we had left home early, but the way back home was awful, because just one mean of public transportation for almost 40,000 people leaving the same place at the same time. We had to walk a great distance to the bus stop to take us to the Metro Station. There were many people cutting lines and the police did nothing. There was also a lot of confusion on the bus, some even broke down on the way," she reported.

"I was disappointed. Expensive tickets and we were treated poorly. Inside the Arena, huge lines to buy food. It’s not worth going back," she concluded.

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