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Soccer can build a better future, says Blatter

FIFA President praised the early days of the Confederations Cup organization


17/06/2013 14:13

The 2014 World Cup promises to be the most profitable in FIFA history and for its partners, the organization president Joseph Blatter highlighted the importance of soccer as a tool for social change in the world.

"We can never look at soccer as a money-making machine," Blatter said during a conference on business and sport at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio.

"There will always be those who want to take advantage of a beautiful game. There will always be unexpected economic and political events. We are living it in Brazil," said FIFA representative referring to the wave of protests in the country.

Although FIFA has recently come out of a severe ethical crisis with multiple cases of corruption, Blatter stated that the entity does not conduct its business to generate revenue for its members and partners.

"You manage a business to generate profits, but imagine you could do this while generating hope and joy. We can build a better future (for the world)," he said. He also admitted serious problems, such as racism and manipulation of results, but tried to highlight the social and humanitarian actions of the entity.

"We from FIFA are the guardians of the game, although we can’t do it alone. But it doesn’t work forming all possible committees. In the end, it is a matter of politeness and to convey the message of “fair play” to the society."

Blatter began the conference praising the early days of the Confederations Cup organization, and ignored the protests and harsh repression by the policel prior the matches in Brasilia and Rio.

"I witnessed two games in two wonderful stadiums. Brasilia is a jewel. Yesterday [Sunday] I was at Maracana. Maracanã is new, but still Maracanã. There is this vibe and mystique. It's like a church, a cathedral. The players certainly felt a strong emotion," Blatter stated cheerfully.

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