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More than 500 people held protest in the central area of Brasília

Military Police respected the right to peaceful protest

Camila Costa - Correio Braziliense

Jacqueline Saraiva


15/06/2013 17:26



15/06/2013 17:32

Edilson Rodrigues/CB/D.A Press
Police barrier was done to halt protesters
About 500 protesters, according to the Military Police, gathered in central area of the Federal District to hold another day of protest against the spending renovation of the National Stadium in Brasilia Mane Garrincha for the Confederations Cup, and other issues. The protesters begun to gather at Brasília main bus station in front of the Metro Station entrance around 9:40 a.m. this Saturday (15/6). Shortly after 10 a.m., protesters marched towards the stadium.

At 11:50, the crowd came closer to the stadium arena, but it was stopped by the Military Battalion, which formed a large police barrier. There were disagreements and tear gas bombs were thrown. Many demonstrators managed to get through the blocking, but they were quickly contained. Earlier, teams of the Metropolitan Police (Rotam) carrying machine guns also tried to halt the demonstrations in the vicinity of Brasilia´s TV Tower, but no success.

Some protesters reported that along this route, the police fired rubber bullet shots trying to disperse them. A human chain was made by the Police near the stadium. There were at least 12 vehicles from the Military Police and from the Fire Department. According to the Central Customer Service and Order (Ciade), 20 police officers remained on the area to enforce security.

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