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More than an old rivalry

Confederations Cup Semifinal is Brazil%u2019s Luiz Felipe Scolari%u2019s major test


26/06/2013 12:33

When Brazil and Uruguay start playing, at 16:00 (Brasilia time), at Mineirão Stadium, it will be one step behind for the Confederations Cup Final. It will be a game involving an eternal rivalry in South America, which has existed for nearly a century. Also Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari’s work will at stake. In case of a tie in regular time, there will be an extra time, and persisting equality, a penalty shootout.

"I believe we have advanced quite well. We have a prepared team and game strategies, "said Luiz Felipe. "We're a little better than when we started in February. We had the chance to work 15-20 days, the playoffs, and this has helped the group grow, improve and be more confident. But it still lacks a very long way to say that we are among the four or five best teams. "

The Brazilian coach reveals that their main work has been preparing the team tactically: "having good positioning, some tactical balance, knowing how defend, and the skills we have, we will always score a lot of goals," said Scolari. "Learning this, we will improve a lot."

Scolari highlights the qualities of the opponent, especially after defeating Venezuela, outside home, in the final round for the 2014 World Cup. "Before coming to the Confederations Cup, Uruguay had a decisive game in Venezuela. They were there to win. Winning that game, they became more confidence and have been doing very well in this competition. I know Tabarez (Uruguayan coach), I know the way they work and their quality, "he praised. The coach also cited quality players such as Cavani, Forlan, Suarez and Lugano, as well as team’s good relationship since 2010.

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