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Confederations Cup

Protesters occupy Brasilia's Eixo Monumental and riot police horses tried to contain protest

After protesting in front of the stadium, about 500 protesters went to Brasilia Eixo Monumental


15/06/2013 20:32



15/06/2013 20:43

Edilson Rodrigues/CB/D.A Press

The protest began in front of the main gates of the Mane Garrincha Stadium moved to the interdicted areas of the Eixo Monumental. At the place, around 1,700 military police officers tried to stop the confrontation and ensure the safety of supporters. The riot police horses made a blockade. According to Lt. Col. Antero Zilfrank, police are prioritizing the dialogue. "Our goal is to keep the dialogue and a peaceful demonstration, " he said.

Along with the battalions, there were men on the ground and on horseback; Regiment Mounted Policing, Tactical Operations Group (gtop) and Policing with Dogs (BPCães).

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