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Confederations Cup

Protesters isolated in the early afternoon and crowd entrance at the gates run smoothly

After being dispersed from the Eixo Monumental in Brasilia, the protesters went to the side of the stadium


15/06/2013 20:13



15/06/2013 20:24

Ed Alves/CB/D.A Press

The demonstrators who went to the Eixo Monumental to protest against the World Cup scattered in front of the National Stadium in the early afternoon on Saturday. After causing tension, they were isolated by the police and went to one of the side entrances of the arena, where they continued blocking the crowd´s entrance, but the supporters%u2019 entrance to most of the stadium gates ran smoothly.

Early afternoon, the protesters gathered at Brasília TV tower, but managed to move to the vicinity of the arena and mingled with fans. Police tried to block access to the stadium and some tear gas bombs were thrown to contain the protesters. The police also used pepper spray even at a young man who tried to hand a white flower to a police officer from the Battalion of Special Operation (BOPE). Meanwhile, some of the protesters circumvented the blockade and headed toward the entrance gates of the Mane Garrincha Stadium.

Supporters who were in line to get into the stadium booed at the protesters as they approached the arena. Some of the riot police who were not identified, behaved rudely, but there was no physical confrontation. The situation got tense, but the peaceful protest went on.

The rapper Paulo Pereira, 23, who participated in the protests, explained that the popular movement wanted to show the government of the Federal District and Dilma´s government that "the people are aware." "We want people to see that society is not invited," he said.

"The ones who will watch the game are the residents of the city center; the periphery does not receive investment. We no longer tolerate the indifference from the authorities, "complained Paulo, citing the lack of infrastructure, health and education in the cities of the Federal District.

One of the organizers of the movement, Rodolfo Mohr, 26, explained that the demonstrations represent various groups in society. Mohr is part of the coordination group, which helps to organize public demonstrations across the country. "There are three main issues to claim. Show indignation against the organization of the World Cup with overbillings, diversions of funds, neglect of culture and population displacement. Show the problem of urban mobility in Brasilia and poor public transport system."

Colonel Zilfrank Antero, Head of Social Communication of the Military Police, stated that the police "are in place to ensure the safety of protesters and the ones who came to watch the game." "We are in a position to use force if necessary," he said. He confirmed that there was no case of violence, and nobody had been arrested.

Hundreds of protesters have begun to at Brasília main bus station in front of the Metro Station entrance around 9:40 a.m. this Saturday (15/6). Shortly after 10am, they went to the lawn behind the bus station. On Facebook, the action had more than 12,000 likes.

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