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Confederations Cup

Brasilia in yellow and green

Since last week, the city has been decorated to get into the spirit of the competition. The colors of the national flag are all over the shops, residential buildings and even children got into the spirit of the games

Mara Puljiz - Correio Braziliense


15/06/2013 19:46



15/06/2013 20:41

Marcelo Ferreira/CB/D.A Press
The spirit of the World Cup has taken over the Federal District. The colors green and yellow invaded public spaces, shops, clubs, bars and restaurants in town. The expectation is that the decoration will help Brasilienses get into the spirit after the successful debut of the Brazilian team against Japan today.

Among the examples of excitement about the tournament, about 80 children from a leisure project from a sports club, since last Friday, they´ve drawn Brazil´s and Japan´s National flag. On the ground next to the gymnasium, the kids painted a hopscotch game with the colors of Brazil, and soccer balls and the mascot of the World Cup, the Fuleco.

Yesterday, boys and girls wearing costume simulated a game between Brazil and Japan in the club. "Brasilia is in the spotlight and we want the children to take part in this. It´s a new experience and it also develops a sense of teamwork," says the art education professor, Luis Renato Ilorca Lopes, founder of the project.

The kids still bet on Brazilian victory. "It will be 8 x 3 for Brazil," said the seven-year old Maria Julia Peters. She said she had tickets to watch the game today. "I'll buy a typical Brazilian dress, paint my face and carry a flag. I think it will be really cool." The kids also came up with a jingle to sing during the Confederations Cup (see video on the website).

Bruno Peres/CB/D.A Press

Decorations at Brasilia bocks
On the streets of Brasilia, you can find many adorned places. At the 204 South Commercial area, green and yellow ribbons, and flags are hung decorating the whole block. The community also wrote "toward to Hexa" on the asphalt. At 216 South, a resident of a building hung three Brazilian flags. The ones who move around the city also find many cars with the ornament on the cars windows.

For local businesses, there are those who bet on creativity to draw the customers´ attention. It is the case of a chocolate shop at 407 South. Who passes by the shop stops to look at a sculpture made with Belgian chocolate, decorated with edible soccer balls of the participating countries in the Confederations Cup.

The creator of the sculpture is the shop owner, Xavier Odermatt, 67 years old. "These ideas come up overnight and always attract people´s attention," he said. In his store, there are lots "made in Brazil" gifts like a chocolate soccer ball filled with candies. "People get into the mood of the party and help local businesses," said the daughter of Xavier, Denise Odermatt, who also owns the shop.

At 206 South, owners of a restaurant decorated the restaurant columns and even painted the floor with the colors of Brazil. During today's game, the expectation is that the house will be packed with around 500 to 700 customers. There will be a sweepstake among customers and beer and snacks. Waiters must wear clothes with the colors of Brazil.

At the North Lake, a gas station is decorated with lot of flags. The attendants were allowed to replace their uniform for T-shirts with the colors of the national team. Ceilândia, one of the Federal District satellite cities, has its water reservoir tank all decorated, and Hélio Prates avenue is taken by green, yellow and blue ribbons.


Children´s jingle video: Check it on Correio Website.

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